The Big launch.

Wow. I am finally doing this. Finally putting pen to paper. Or fingers to keypad even. I am here because I want to share my voice. I want to write pieces that captivate your attention, make you feel your own voice and let your own light shine too.

Through writing we bring light to things that have never been seen or explored before. We bring light to parts of ourselves we never knew existed. We heal, we learn, we grow, we connect.

I want to share my words with you so that they can shine, and in turn inspire you to let your own stories be set free.

I adore reading and can truly say that there are authors who have shaped who I am today. Who have challenged me, inspired me, connected with me. Who have made me feel heard and seen and connected. We all have a voice, we are all the authors of our lives and our words are our most powerful tool.

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