Being Eimear.

Laughter cannot be contained. Writing passionately, unrestrained. Probably paint and coffee stained. Bundles of sheets scribbled upon with pure devotion. A brain filled with ideas, worries and commotion. Hearing people with empathy and emotion. Lost in a books pages with intense concentration. A tendency for messiness and procrastination. Distracted easily, encapsulated by rumination. When I […]

Show up.

My advice? Get the help you deserve. I have spent a lot of time in a purgatory somewhere between anxiety, low mood and sleepwalking through my life. This year finally pushed me to breaking point. It finally made me realise that I couldn’t let my fears control me anymore. That I had to face some […]


Blindsided, Catapulted to my chest, breath stolen, In a second, swiftly, Unsuspecting. Mundane ticking of the clock, It keeps going, ruminating. But I am somewhere else, In another room, in another life With a presence that I long for so dearly, In a scene so vivid I can smell it, I can feel her hand, […]

Social Media.

Anti-social media. Dishevelled fingers meander across screens unable to fight, Lifeless eyes stare at sheets of glass penetrating light. Slim bodies pleading for nourishment provoke jealous disdain, Smiling faces gash at internal scars with the happiness they feign. Glorious views tease as they pretend to be savoured, Restlessness and disillusionment seen as attributes to be […]

Calm in the storm.

The wind howls. Growling, tugging unsuspecting hairs to and fro. Bashing, pushing, and shrieking. The rain pours in torrents, merciless, wreaking havoc. Empowered, bold, loud. Free in the noise, I run. I squeal. No one else is crazy enough to be out in this weather. No one else would dare be struck by lightning. Only […]


A chair lies empty, lifeless, and bare. Filled only with shadows of the memories we share. Once held by mischievous giggles, warm faces. Slobbery kisses, Strangling embraces. Infectious laughter compelling hearts to dance. Relentless Robbing at every waking chance. Boisterous roguery, unrestrained affection, Gentle soul, with kindness and connection. A smile that could quell a […]

Be Yourself.

Every single one of us has a box we are trapped in. Confining discomfort we tolerate, numb and avoid straying from. We all wonder what lifting the lid might look like. What expression of ourselves could be set free? Yet in reality what we see is ugly. It is messy. It is not a neat […]


                       Why do you say you own me when I cannot be confined? Why do you describe me when I cannot be defined? Why do you demand from me a journey that is not yours to live? Why do you command from me things I cannot give? Why do you disown me and condemn how […]

Own your story.

Her back aches. The books got too heavy. She couldn’t read them. The language was ambiguous and chapters continued in disdainful jargon. She felt like pages were missing in places and piled in others. She tried learning to decipher the words. But she lost the battle. She tried getting it translated. But no one else […]


Drowning in the shallows.Spitting on light beams.Screaming before looking.Refusing to switch the light on, scramble in empty darkness.Repudiate dreams, repulsed by the nightmares that fill their space.Add petrol to flames, cry when they burn you.Latch onto airless space, wail when it suffocates you.Deny your hand is burning, admonish the blister.Throw stones at the mirror, expect […]


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