Poetry. Words.

Calm in the storm.

The wind howls. Growling, tugging unsuspecting hairs to and fro. Bashing, pushing, and shrieking. The rain pours in torrents, merciless, wreaking havoc. Empowered, bold, loud. Free in the noise, I run. I squeal. No one else is crazy enough to be out in this weather. No one else would dare be struck by lightning. Only […]



Boisterous, Crashing.Pulsing, raging.Redefining boundaries. Remnants of a blanket.Open crevasses, dents.Manoeuvres of a clumsy puppeteer. A thousand tin cans clinking.Buoys bobbing.Boats rocking. Flimsy, delicate silk.Weightless yet deep.Gentle yet underestimated. Permeable stability.


My favourite place.

The car door slams shut. My hands touch the metal gate, lifting it slightly, pushing my way in. The waves are crashing against the rocks, demanding to be heard. Their violent froth threatens to hit me as I stop breathing and take in the mesmeric display before me. Icy droplets dance and play and perform. […]