The Bully in her mind.

He taunts her and taints her voice. She hates him. But she loves how he fills the gaps that lay bare when he is not there. She loves that he numbs her. That his spluttering retorts confirm her worries. That in some way she is validated by his outbursts. Each quickening of his pulse, each […]



She is trapped in a box. There are chains tied around her ankles. Weighing down the chains she bares is a heavy stone, heavier than she. The box is filled with water, engulfing her body, soon submerging her head beneath it. She splutters and chokes fighting for air. She pulls the chains as she panics […]


The Ominous Clock

I cannot be measured, I cannot be disposed, I keep all things orderly and composed. My hands move as each event unravels, I dictate where life travels. Worshiped by all of human kind, I control your wandering mind. Presence is a concept for the fortunate few, Without me what would you do? Worthless and hated […]