A chair lies empty, lifeless, and bare. Filled only with shadows of the memories we share. Once held by mischievous giggles, warm faces. Slobbery kisses, Strangling embraces. Infectious laughter compelling hearts to dance. Relentless Robbing at every waking chance. Boisterous roguery, unrestrained affection, Gentle soul, with kindness and connection. A smile that could quell a […]

Thoughts Words.

Be Yourself.

Every single one of us has a box we are trapped in. Confining discomfort we tolerate, numb and avoid straying from. We all wonder what lifting the lid might look like. What expression of ourselves could be set free? Yet in reality what we see is ugly. It is messy. It is not a neat […]

Flash Fiction. Thoughts Words.

Own your story.

Her back aches. The books got too heavy. She couldn’t read them. The language was ambiguous and chapters continued in disdainful jargon. She felt like pages were missing in places and piled in others. She tried learning to decipher the words. But she lost the battle. She tried getting it translated. But no one else […]


The Bully in her mind.

He taunts her and taints her voice. She hates him. But she loves how he fills the gaps that lay bare when he is not there. She loves that he numbs her. That his spluttering retorts confirm her worries. That in some way she is validated by his outbursts. Each quickening of his pulse, each […]